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Principal’s Message


Principal’s Message

“Man is a mine rich in gems of inestimable value, education, can alone unravel its beauty”

The human brain, the mind is an immense ocean where all the great and all important information is stored and becomes afresh. As the knowledge is explored and used changes happen in the human values, patterns, needs and the changes in work as well. What is needed now especially in the current situation is to take full responsibility to cope with these drastic changes, and at Kimmims High School we all are thriving at it and facing the challenges.

Education is a continuous process and is being recreated as we move on. The aim of education is to unravel the capabilities and talents that are hidden in the human ‘Mines’, and give them meaningful expression to enrich our children with spiritual, moral values and with practical knowledge. We at Kimmins strive to imbibe this spirit in children who are entrusted to us, and equip them with all possible knowledge.

We at kimmins, put great emphasis on the all-round education that fosters for the love for mankind, to form the right character, also provide the needed intellectual education that creates peace for personal betterment and of those we come in contact.


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