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Milestones Of School

Since its inception in 1898, Kimmins High School has stood as a beacon of educational excellence and service, founded by the visionary Miss Alice Emilie Kimmins. Inspired by a mission to provide a nurturing environment for European children away from the harsh conditions of Mumbai, Miss Kimmins, with the support of Miss Mary Ashlin, established the school amidst the serene hills of Panchgani. Over the decades, Kimmins High School has weathered numerous challenges, from the trials of World War II to natural disasters like the Koyna earthquake of 1967. Yet, through unwavering dedication and resilience, the school has continued to thrive, evolving to meet the changing needs of its students and community.

Throughout its storied history, Kimmins High School has been a testament to the transformative power of education, instilling in generations of students the values of integrity, compassion, and hard work. From its humble beginnings with a handful of students to its current status as a renowned educational institution, the school has remained steadfast in its commitment to academic excellence and holistic development. Today, Kimmins High School stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of its founder, Miss Kimmins, and the countless individuals who have contributed to its growth and success over the years. With each passing year, the school’s rich history serves as a reminder of the enduring impact of education in shaping lives and building brighter futures for generations to come.

1885: Miss Alice Emilie Kimmins arrives in India to begin her missionary work.

1896: Inspired by the challenges faced in Mumbai due to famine and plague, Miss Kimmins conceives the idea of a school in the serene hills of Panchgani.

1898: With the support of Miss Mary Ashlin, Miss Kimmins establishes Kimmins High School in Panchgani, initially operating from premises acquired from a Protestant school.

1900: Miss Kimmins initiates the construction of a bungalow, laying the groundwork for future expansions.

1903: Lower Ashlin, a new building, is constructed to accommodate the growing student population.

1905: A cottage is purchased to serve as a school hospital, reflecting the commitment to student welfare.

1910: The construction of a gymnasium is completed, enhancing the school’s sports facilities.

1913: The Willingdon dormitory wing is constructed, providing additional accommodation for students.

1918: Despite challenges, including the influenza pandemic, Miss Kimmins’ dedication to the school remains unwavering.

1921: Miss Kimmins passes away, leaving behind a legacy of resilience and dedication.

1926: The Kimmins Memorial Hospital is opened, furthering the school’s commitment to healthcare.

1937: The school receives praise for its disciplined and friendly atmosphere.

1940s: The school continues to thrive despite the challenges of World War II, organizing concerts and supporting charitable causes.

1951: Marathi language teaching is introduced, reflecting a commitment to local culture and language.

1967: The school faces challenges such as a fire and earthquake but emerges stronger under new management.

1970s: Miss Margaret Gilbert and Miss Inayat lead the school through a period of transition and growth.

1998: The school celebrates its centenary, with alumni from around the world gathering to commemorate the milestone.

2000s: The school undergoes renovations and upgrades, reflecting a commitment to providing a modern educational experience.

2010s: Kimmins High School continues to excel academically and socially, embracing new technologies and initiatives.

Present: Kimmins High School remains a beacon of education and service, nurturing generations of students and preparing them to make a positive impact on the world.


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