Our Founder – Ms. Alice Emily Kimmins

Miss. Alice Kimmins came to India in 1886 as a Missionary of the Zenana Bible and Medical Mission. After serving splendidly in Lahore and Benares, she came to Bombay where she was in charge of the Girgaum Girl’s school now known as the Queen Mary’s School, from 1892 to 1899. Bombay’s climate was unsuitable for the children of European origin. Therefore, she decided to shift to Panchgani to carry on her work to educate children of European descent.

She began her work in Panchgani and started a boarding school with 15 children of European origin of whom 7 were boys. From this beginning there developed the Boy’s and Girl’s school. She launched ceaseless building activity incurring an expenditure of over Rs. One and a half lakh. She added more buildings one by one including Ashlin, Armitage, Willingdon, Kinnaird and Lloyd Wings. She completed Lioyd Wing and named it after Lady Liod, wife of Governor of Bombay. She completed it before she left for England in January 1921. Lady Lloyd opened the new buildings, eulogized the work of Miss Kimmins and called her a Master Builder in more senses then one, giving more credence to character building for which she was regarded as a pioneer...